Familiarity with jobs in European and Northern Cyprus

Did you know that by working in North Cyprus, it is possible to obtain permanent residence  in this country?

To obtain a North Cyprus work visa, you only need an invitation from an employer.  Reasons such as the low cost of living in North Cyprus, entering North Cyprus without the need for a visa, the possibility of obtaining many scholarships for studying in North Cyprus, etc., have made this country become one of the best destinations for Iranians to work.

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The Cyprus Ministry of Labor thoroughly reviews and evaluates employers who want to hire foreign workers. In this evaluation, things such as the employer’s workplace or job, the field of activity of that workplace, required jobs and job branches, and the need for personnel are examined. As a job seeker, if you intend to obtain a North Cyprus work visa, you must provide the following documents:

– Passport with at least 2 years validity

– Filled and signed visa application form

– Work invitation

– Rental contract for accommodation in North Cyprus

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Types of work permits in Cyprus

According to the law of Northern Cyprus, the types of work permits in this country can   be divided into 5 categories . These categories include the basic permit, limited work permit, work permit for foreigners, student work permit, and business establishment permit. Each type of permit allows the permit holder to work in Northern Cyprus under different conditions. In the following, we have introduced these licenses.

As a foreigner who intends to work in Northern Cyprus, you must obtain a preliminary permit before applying for a work permit. Your potential employer should do this for you and obtain initial authorization on your behalf. The validity period of the initial work permit  is 30 days  . You must enter the country within these 30 days. If you fail to do so, you must reapply for the permit.

To earn money in Northern Cyprus, you must be fluent in either  Turkish  or  English  . The important thing about obtaining a North Cyprus visa is that you cannot work directly. This means that an employer must first send you  a job invitation  and you must submit it to the embassy along with the necessary documents.

The employer must obtain a work permit for you. He should submit your initial work permit application to the Northern Cyprus Ministry of Labor and Social Security and send it to you once received. You can get a North Cyprus work visa and enter this country only if you have a work permit. Otherwise, you do not have the right to enter and work in this country and it is not possible to apply for a work permit.

After the employer receives your initial work permit, he must go to the Ministry of Labor within  15 days  from the date of your arrival in North Cyprus and complete the next steps to obtain your work permit. If your work permit application is deemed appropriate by the Ministry of Labor, you will receive it and it will be included in your passport. This process, called “stamping”, is done at the Work Permit Center (next to Binbir Çeşit Stores – Nicosia).

As mentioned earlier, you can renew your work visa every 2 years. In order to obtain permanent residence by working in Cyprus, you must have a work visa and work continuously for 6 years in Northern Cyprus without any bad history . Also, to get a passport of this country,   you have to live in Northern Cyprus for 10 years .